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October 3, 2015

Mats Lewan speaks at Emakina office on accelerating technologies

Posted by Luc Malcorps

The enterprise room at Emakina’s Brussels office on Friday was packed for an interesting meeting. We welcomed Mats Lewan, Swedisch journalist, author, moderator, speaker. Mats was invited to share his insights to Emakinians and some clients on accelerating technologies and their impact on our lives.

lewan_Emakina1Mats Lewan introduces the idea of technology acceleration

Our Nordic guest works as a staff writer at the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik and has worked internationally as a reporter at CBS Cnet News. In a brilliant manner he explained where we are heading. And how fast we will get there.

Driving force

Mats says that technology is no longer to be seen as a tool but as a driving force for change in society. We all should consider Ray Kurzweil’s ‘Countdown to singularity’.

With great opportunity comes great responsibility, as we are moving from linear to exponential growth potential. We are now at the ‘knee’ of the curve, with spectacular growth never witnessed before. Kurzweil’s 2009 presentation at Google is still valid…

Countdown_to SingularityThe countdown Singularity, from Kurtzweil’s 2009 presentation

Paradigm Shift

Our Swedish guest went into some detail on the paradigm shift happening in a series of domains, from media and transportation over education, healthcare and retail to finance and even law.

Some examples Mats Lewan shared, show that the changes we see today are truly fundamental…

Did you know that already half of online trading is executed by machines today?
Robotic journalism, as developed by Narrative Science, already generates sports news and short general news updates at incredible speed and even financial reports can be “written” by digital engines.
The MOOC Massive Online Open Courses and the groundbreaking Khan-Academy, give us a glimpse of the potential of online education available for all.
Customer care is also at the brink of a revolution. Meet Amelia, the customer care digital assistant created by IPsoft is 65% faster and can manage over 60% of requests immediately after teaming up with a human counterpart for just one month.
Even a conservative branch like the legal system will not escape the new wave. Companies like Lawbite give fast access to agreements and legal knowhow at very low cost.

Khan_AcademyImagine a world where learning is possible for all… like the Khan Academy

Big opportunities, big responsibilities

Big data is everywhere; pattern recognition and new forms of 3D printing will shape a new world way beyond anything we can now imagine. Copy costs are moving to zero, while global digital networks, open source and other shared resources win ground. As a result, the playground once owned by global corporations now becomes available to many. Enter the global village!

It is clear we all will have to adapt to these changes. But we have to be vigilant as well. It is time for deep reflection on the consequences of our future actions made possible by the digital transformation, moving at high speed.

We can all be entrepreneurs

Mats invites us to remain positive and learn from startups that combine agile, social, real-time, bottom-up and transparency. We can all be entrepreneurs with a start-up spirit. Learn to work together in new ways, create and share new kinds of content and be active citizens promoting free thought and participating in change for the good.

lewan2Time for interaction

Follow your dreams

Our instincts tell us to be careful of threats but this should not prevent us from looking up to see opportunities and grab them with both hands.
“Remember what your dreams are and make them happen in real life” is Mats’ humanistic conclusion. With technology so easy to use, we have a golden opportunity to become more complete and social human beings. This is the beginning of a truly new era.

It was quite an interesting meeting with a dynamic and clever mind. Our guest has a gentle yet provocative message, inspiring and to the point. Like the book Mats just published, on another important global changing reality: energy.
In ‘An impossible invention’ he tells the true story of the road to cold fusion, a possibly revolutionary energy source for the future.

Interested in following what Mats Lewan is up to? Go to or follow him on twitter: @matslew

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