March 1, 2003

EMAKINA latest gem :, the new form of online excellence

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Coca-Cola Belgium launches First: Chat, Parties and Virtual Games online with “Vego”. All made by EMAKINA.

Coca-Cola Belgium announces the launch of a new format of its website, Now it is possible to create a virtual self, participate in a vocal “chat”, play games and even attend virtual parties. The new format launch is scheduled for 3 March 2003. The occasion to pre-announce this product is to prepare all serious chatters in Belgium!

What is readily available on the website?
Thanks to the concept vEgo (virtual ego) by Coca-Cola, surfers can define themselves with a virtual identity and party-cipate with the Coca-Cola community. The concept vEgo goes beyond the standard pixelly icon or silhouetted face: all characteristics can be personalized –clothing style, facial expressions, hair color, … With over 100 million possible combinations, vEgo “look-alikes” are highly improbable. The idea and concept were developed in collaboration with Emakina e-business agency in Brussels.

Once the virtual self, or vEgo is validated, the surfer can chat with other vEgos during a Coca-Cola vEgo Party, play games and even organize private online parties. And why limit oneself to current friends? At, the ideal place to meet new vEgos, the site is unparalleled for discovering games. Through the Cinemotions game, one can display knowledge of Hollywood, or create Coke-Tails with the Bartender Game, all the while competing for great prizes.

You can also download PC extras like screen backgrounds or a signature (with vEgo) to personalize e-mail messages. From March 2003, a system of online vEgo transport, makes it possible to voice chat and actually see other chatters, in vEgo form of course. Also on, a “Virtual Deejay” module enbales vEgos to discover their friends’ personalized list of beats.

The site is constantly updated with Coca-Cola bulletins to inform surfers of events in the world of vEgos.
Don’t wait to discover the new format of and create your Coca-Cola vEgo or vEga!

About Emakina

Founded in March 2001, the Emakina e-business agency includes the Web agency, Web integration and e-business consultancy services. The range of integrated services offered by Emakina has already attracted large companies such as D’Ieteren, Glaverbel, Coca-Cola, Manpower, Kraft Foods, Cora and Electrabel.

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