Lindemans’ Wind of Chance: Everybody Won!

Lindemans and Emakina have been working together for a little while now, and it was only a matter of time before a campaign like this one came to life! The Wind of Chance campaign not only probably boosted 80s German band and possible soundtrack to your conception Scorpions’ Spotify ranking, but it also generated massive […]

Emakina neemt Oostenrijks agentschap diamond:dogs over

Emakina kondigt de volledige overname aan van diamond:dogs, een leidinggevend Oostenrijks agentschap op het vlak van digitale full-service communicatie. De onafhankelijke Europese groep van digitale agentschappen zet in op groei en versterkt hiermee zijn positie als sterke innovatieve speler op de Centraal-Europese DACH-markt. Gerhard Handler, CEO van diamond:dogs|group, kijkt uit naar nieuwe groei binnen de […]

Bubblegum partner Emakina Group

Emakina versterkt zijn positie en kennis over de farmaceutische markt met Spaans Digital Agency Bubblegum. Het in Barcelona gevestigde bureau is dé nummer 1 in health-care van héél Spanje. Met hun campagne voor Novartis viel Bubblegum vorig jaar in de prijzen tijdens de Aspid Awards: de belangrijkste Spaanse publiciteitsprijs omtrent reclame en communicatie in de […]

From anonymity to fame – the CE-E robot is now a singing phenomenon!

You knew you could rely on him for toy certification, but did you also know he can also sing? Back in February, Emakina/ Motion produced a viral clip on toy safety for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry (DG ENTR). The clip was a huge success, among other reasons, due the original 3D […] promoted the EU Sustainable Energy Week with a new viral clip!

You’ve all seen the signs, hung all across the city of Brussels, inviting participants to the EU Sustainable Energy Week. But have you watched the viral clip, produced by Emakina, which accompanies this cross-national campaign?     The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the key annual event of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. It […]

Cannes 2016: Reinventing Agencies Lead the Way

Insights by Andrew Berglund (@_AndrewInc) Executive Creative Director at Emakina Silicon Value This year’s theme appeared to be about agencies reinventing themselves. It’s about redefining their offer and in fact underlining their need to be agile, and not rooted in one solution suffering from “the Madison Avenue syndrome”. Instead the trend is more towards “Silicon […]

Digital Transformation:
Do or Die

Vandaag delen we ons Digital Transformation Manifesto met de wereld. Hierin beschrijven we twintig stappen die nu essentieel zijn om organisaties klaar te maken voor de toekomst. Digitale transformatie is onvermijdelijk. Het Digital Transformation Manifesto helpt organisaties dit te realiseren. Om mee te blijven doen moeten organisaties zichzelf steeds opnieuw uitvinden. Jezelf aanpassen is dus […]

Emakina wins the Grand Prix of Digital Innovation: 10km Paris Centre Nike

What a great week at Emakina! Having just announced the acquisition of the ad agency, Toy, and the prize won at the Deauville Green Awards, now it’s our work for the famed Parisian race, the ‘10km Paris Centre Nike’ which was is rewarded by the ‘Grand Prix de L’innovation Digitale 2014’. More than just a provider of sports kit, […]

Life Capsule: Our future memories are in our present lives

Life Capsule is a start-up company which offers individuals the possibility to save their precious and confidential information online. In the event of death, this information and personal memories can be made available to (certain) relatives through a secure website. The Emakina Group was involved in this initiative since its early conceptualisation, through assisting the […]

Emakina lance « Petites Vacances entre amis » pour la Caisse d’Epargne : première d’une série d’applications en opengraph

Dans le cadre de la campagne « jeunes » de la Caisse d’Epargne, Emakina créé une campagne Facebook sur mesure en utilisant  l’opengraph. Vacances, colocation et roadtrip sont abordés de manière simple et ludique, via une application matchmaker à partager avec ses amis.  Pour renforcer sa campagne jeunes et son positionnement de banque qui connaît bien les […]

Is User Experience Design the Real Mission of Digital Agencies?

By Brice Le Blévennec, translated from an article in Inside magazine. Emakina is proud official sponsor of the 2016 LIFT conference in Geneva. A logical match, with organizations trying to implement a holistic digital strategy and catching the train to online fame. But beyond the buzz, what will this customer centric approach change for business […]

Emakina launches the ‘Digital Transformation Manifesto’

Today, Emakina published its ‘Digital Transformation Manifesto’. The document describes the basics of a changing world. It guides businesses that want to undergo a successful digital transformation. The Manifesto is also an urgent appeal to business leaders to give the topic the place it deserves. The Digital Transformation Manifesto helps entrepreneurs to better frame the debate […]

Oops, we did it again!

We never really think about awards when we launch another digital campaign for one of our clients. But when we suddenly hear that our work was (again) appreciated by a jury, somewhere around the world, we don’t particularly mind… This was the case of the Communicator Awards, one of the leading international awards programmes recognising big ideas […]

Aux cotés des équipes de M6 Web, Emakina.FR oeuvre pour la télévision enrichie avec le nouveau M6 Replay

Jeudi dernier l’équipe d’Emakina.FR a eu le plaisir de participer à la présentation presse du nouveau M6 Replay par Nicolas de Tavernost, le patron de M6 et Thomas Valentin, vice-président du directoire de M6. Aux cotés des équipes de M6 Web, Emakina.FR a oeuvré pour l’ergonomie, le design et l’animation des interfaces M6 Replay. Depuis ses […]

What makes a game serious? Hint: when it wins an (Emakina) award

The answer is actually quite simple. According to the “Le jeu sérieux en Belgique francophone” annual conference (French for “the serious game in French-speaking Belgium”), the development of games has become more and more common in “serious” contexts, such as public-awareness campaigns, marketing a new product or service, or even for educational purposes. Every year, […]

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